A New Blog with a Focus on Retirement

//A New Blog with a Focus on Retirement

A New Blog with a Focus on Retirement

Hello there.  And thanks for checking out the Blackwood Investment Group blog.  My name is Shaun Knoch (pronounced Knox) and I am the owner and author of this blog.

At Blackwood, I spend my time servicing Defined Contribution plan clients (otherwise known as a 401k plan, 403b plan, 457 plan, etc).  I also help individuals with retirement planning.

This blog was created with the intention of posting helpful information on those subjects.  I know and understand the topic isn’t necessarily “sexy” but it is important nevertheless.  With a new story about the demise of retirement in the US coming out seemingly every day, I feel like the subject of retirement is not only important, but essential.

Through the years I’ve owned Blackwood, a lot has changed.  But the one constant is that I’ve wanted to help people retire.  As time has passed, a passion for working with 401k plans, and all their sibling types, not only developed, but became something of an unhealthy obsession with me.  Because I feel like the average company 401k plan is overcharged and simultaneously underserviced by the so-called professionals in the financial industry (especially smaller companies), I grew frustrated and disillusioned with the financial industry and wanted to be a catalyst for change.

But I don’t think it should stop there.  Individuals with assets outside of a company 401k plan need help too.  Look, the average multi-billionaire isn’t really concerned about retiring.  But people who’ve worked their entire lives to save 250k, 500k or even 1 million+ have legitimate questions and concerns about what retirement looks like.  They have questions on how they can maximize income, what financial factors they should consider, how to invest and the list goes on.  These people should have access to help as well.

So that’s the mission of Blackwood Investment Group – to help people retire.  And hopefully this blog will help a company find a better solution for their retirement plan. Maybe it’ll help a widow unsure of how to move forward.  Or help a retired, married couple turn their assets into an income stream.  Or help an up and comer in the workforce lay the foundation for future financial success.

This blog takes shape as an informational site, but also one that isn’t necessarily afraid to call out the shortcomings the financial industry has or, conversely, to talk about all of the positive developments taking place (and there are some).

I hope you enjoy your (hopefully many) visits here.