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The Real Reason 401k Plans Have Come Under Fire

Recently, there have been a number of media stories about the ineffectiveness of company 401k plans. The “Retirement Crisis” is upon us and we’re all doomed because the traditional pension plan has been destroyed in favor of 401k plans. Even long time advocates of that position are now questioning the validity of the argument. Yet pension or 401k, the same [...]

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Active vs Passive Investing: The Age-Old Debate – Part Deux

In Part One of the Active vs Passive Debate, I discussed how difficult it is for funds to outperform their benchmarks over long time horizons.  However, every decision we make on how we allocate our money within our own investment portfolios is an active decision.  And I think this is where “active” management becomes critical. What does that mean?  Well, [...]

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Active vs Passive Investing: The Age-Old Debate

In case you weren’t aware, the financial industry has a long-standing feud within the family.  On one side are those who advocate for low-cost, passive investing.  On the other side are those who champion active investing. What’s the difference?  Passively managed mutual funds or exchange traded funds (ETFs) are those that are designed with two core beliefs.  First, low cost.  [...]

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A New Blog with a Focus on Retirement

Hello there.  And thanks for checking out the Blackwood Investment Group blog.  My name is Shaun Knoch (pronounced Knox) and I am the owner and author of this blog. At Blackwood, I spend my time servicing Defined Contribution plan clients (otherwise known as a 401k plan, 403b plan, 457 plan, etc).  I also help individuals with retirement planning. This blog [...]

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